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Camp Notes

Thanks, everyone, for making this the best Camp Moon Hwa yet.

Thanks to Hope and Julie for stepping up and joining the Camp Moon Hwa board of directors.

Next year’s camp is scheduled for June 27th-July 1st, 2016.

Again, next year’s camp is June 27th-July 1st 2016!
(Oh, and when you’re counting down the hours to next year’s camp, don’t forget to include leap year day.)

If anyone has any pictures they’d like posted on the web site, let us know and we’ll post them. Also, if you’d like pictures posted on the Facebook page, contact us there, too.

Some notes for Camp Moon Hwa this Week

Here are some notes sent to those on the Camp Moon Hwa email list plus an editor’s note at the end:

1.Please have your camper wear their purple camp t-shirt tomorrow(Tuesday). Some of the class photos need to be re-taken. 🙂

2.Consider sending a small backpack or bag with your child to camp on the remaining days. Many of them end up hauling snacks, papers, projects, money etc. around with them all day and things often get left in the hall, on the playground etc. We do not have lockers or a “homeroom” for kids to keep things that they accumulate throughout the day.

3.Campers going on the overnight trip need to bring a snack lunch tomorrow (Tuesday). We will be eating on the bus! Also, please see your confirmation letter for a list of what you need to bring on the overnight.

4.We have a number of items that were “lost and found” from the overnight trip last year. Please take a look in the tote near the silent auction table to see if there is something that belongs to you! Anything not claimed by the end of camp this year will be discarded.

5.We do have a silent auction this year! If you have something you would like to donate please bring it as soon as possible. You can leave it with someone at the registration table. We have some great items up for bid already!

6.*The Hanji Crew/Korean Heritage House stores are open for business! Check out their Korean gifts, books and crafts. Very reasonably priced.

7.FYI~ Wednesday for lunch, we will be eating AT the bowling alley. Lunch will still be provided (it’s a surprise!)

8.Lastly, if you are attending or volunteering camp this week, please feel free to email me any photos that you take that you would like posted on the camp Facebook page. You can also post them on the Facebook page yourself and I will “share” so that everyone sees them.

[Editor’s note: We’d also like pictures for the web page. Plus, if you tweet Camp Moon Hwa pictures with the hashtag #CampMoonHwa, we will retweet them.]

Day 1 of Camp Moon Hwa

I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of Camp Moon Hwa, because tomorrow promises to be more of the same, except better!

I do not have class pictures ( or other pictures) yet. When I get them, I plan to post them on the web site for families to download.


1 week until Camp Moon Hwa!

GAH! It’s only one week until Camp Moon Hwa!



Wait a minute; there’s no need to panic. We’ve got this under control. Teachers are set. Volunteers are set. Schedules are set. Classroom assignments are set. We’re ready for this!

We can wait until Saturday’s set up before we panic.

Class Schedules Set

Okay, campers,

The instructors have been sent the class schedules for Camp Moon Hwa.  All you favorite classes and events are back this year. The next 10 days will fly by.

No word yet (to me, at least) on the t-shirt color.

Now here’s a chance to warm up your voices: