Monthly Archives: February 2016

2016 Registration Forms are Here!!!

You thought if you just sat around, eating chips, and watching TV, the registration forms for Camp Moon Hwa 2016 would just magically appear on the web site.

Well, you were right!

The registration form, volunteer form, and Eagle Bluff form are now here under the Registration Forms tab!! (The Eagle Bluff form is for 6th-9th grade overnight campers only.)

Please have the forms sent to us by May 1, 2016.





Blizzard? What Blizzard?

As you spend the next few days digging out from the blizzard/winter storm, warm yourselves by remember just 5 months from today is the 2016 Camp Moon Hwa closing program.

Oh, and hot cocoa will warm you up, too. Or a fire in the fireplace should work. But for our purposes, we’re suggesting remembering Camp Moon Hwa.