Monthly Archives: April 2016

Camp Moon Hwa: Two-Month Warning

Football has a two-minute warning. Here’s your warning: it’s two months until the first day of Camp Moon Hwa 2016.  Just in case you had forgotten how fast time flies.

If you haven’t yet, please send in your registration for camp.

Also, last I heard, there are still volunteering opportunities:

  • Camp Director
  • Person to run camp store
  • Board of directors
  • And many more!


Again With the Reminders: May 1st Deadline

Hey!  You know that little white truck that goes around your neighborhood with the eagle-like thing painted on the side? Find the guy that drives it. That’s right–the guy passing out letters to you and your neighbors. Give him or her a stamped envelope with our address on it and your Camp Moon Hwa registration filled out inside. That’d be great.

mail truck2

And maybe a doughnut. He or she may like a doughnut, too.


mail truck

Camp Store Volunteer(s) Needed

Everyone knows what the best part of camp is. That’s right: mandu.

However, the second best part is the camp store–where the campers (and some sneaky adults, too) buy refreshments and treats. We are looking for volunteers to run the camp store.

Here are the duties of running the camp store:

  • Ordering from a list of treats and goodies
  • Setting up the store on the Saturday before camp starts (June 25th)
  • Staffing the store Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 3:15 PM and Friday morning (with some flexibility)
  • Supervising other volunteers in the store
  • Light bookkeeping duties

Please contact KC Hinz at if you have questions or if you would like to volunteer.

Conan O’Brien to Air Korea Trip on April 9th

Remember when Conan O’Brien went to South Korea for his TV show? Well, according to Variety and other sources, that episode is scheduled to air on April 9th on TBS. (Yes, exactly 22 days before the Camp Moon Hwa 2016 registration deadline!)  The story says it airs at 11 PM.  I assume that is Eastern time, so it would be 10 PM Minnesota time.

So while you’re icing down after the Park Institute Tae Kwon Do tournament, grab some bulgogi, mandu, Choco Pies, melon bars, Choco Boys, and Milkis and watch Conan celebrate South Korea.