Monthly Archives: August 2016

Rochester Korean Center has Their Registration Form Ready

2016-Fall-Registration-Form for the Rochester Korean Center’s fall language classes is now available!  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think will be interested.

Classes will form soon so please send in your registration by September 9th!  It is recommended that students join in the Fall if possible.  Spring classes are a continuation of Fall classes so it can be difficult to join.
Class times and meeting locations are decided by teachers and students (or parents).

Some Camp Moon Hwa 2016 Videos

Whoa! Let me shake some of the dust off this blog. It’s been a while, huh?

Well, I finally got around to loading some videos from Camp Moon Hwa 2016. Check them out. Also, if you have any videos or pictures you want to share, we’re still accepting them. Let me know at

This first video is one I believe Brooke sent us:

Then here is a compilation of videos I took:

Finally, here is another video I took.  Remember, always record with your phone in the horizontal position.