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Date Changed for Overnight; And Other Notes

A couple notes from the February Camp Moon Hwa meeting:

  • The overnight experience will be Wednesday night to Thursday morning. This information will be in future notifications, too. But, people like to be able to plan evenings, we wanted to let you know as early as possible.
  • We are planning to keep the week before July 4th as our camp week every year now.
  • Pictures! We are trying out Google photos for pictures. Check out the page for Camp Moon Hwa 2016. You can add your own pictures if you have any you’d like to share.
  • Again, we’re planning on Camp meetings for the 3rd Monday of each month. You’re welcome to show up.

Volunteer Opportunities: Hospitality, Marketing, and T-Shirt

Hi camp volunteers waiting for the perfect volunteer opportunity,

Here are three more options into which your can sink your skills:

  • Hospitality Committee— This committee would be responsible for

    *writing thank you notes for teachers and volunteers (could be done before camp week)
    *Deciding on and purchasing gifts for teachers (could be done before camp week)
    *Checking in with teachers each morning to ensure that they have they need. If necessary, going to the store to purchased needed items.
    * Assist with planning a post-Camp potluck as a thank you to the teachers. (could be done before camp week)

  • Marketing Director—this person or committee would be responsible for getting out information about Camp Moon Hwa: (all would be done before the week of camp)
    *contacting local TV stations and newspapers regarding camp and inviting them for the program.
    *contacting local adoption agencies with Korean adoption programs so they can pass information on to adoptive parents.
    *finding a way to contact other Koreans and Korean Americans at the Mayo Clinic so they are aware of camp.
    *Contacting other groups you think of or camp leadership thinks of

  • T-shirt Assistant
    *assist T-shirt coordinator with packaging t-shirts and distributing on the first day of camp.

To volunteer contact Calley or send an e-mail message to campmoonhwamn (at) We’d love to hear from you. More information may become available after the February 13th camp meeting (which you may attend!).