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Camp Moon Hwa 2017 Class Schedule

We finally have the class schedule finished with room numbers listed:
2017 Camp Moon Hwa Schedule FINAL (Microsoft Word version)
2017 Camp Moon Hwa Schedule FINAL (pdf version)

Camp is all set up. The Food Crew hit the road this morning to buy plenty of food supplies for the week ahead. All we need now are campers to fill chairs.

There’s a bit of a change for the mornings this year. Each child will have a home room and that is where he or she will go first in the morning. Then the class leader will bring the kids to the gym for opening ceremonies. Parents who want to be there for the opening ceremonies will go directly to the gym while the kids are in homeroom.

We’re planning a little more for the opening ceremonies this year. We hope it adds to each camper’s experience.

Now, some pictures from set up:

Snazzy tee shirts with the smaller logo. I like it!

Current director, director Emeritus, future director
We have plenty to do for Camp Moon Hwa 2018!

We know why you’re here



2017 Forms Are Ready (Updated: all forms included)!

Good news, campers!

We have most of the forms ready to go for Camp Moon Hwa 2017!!!

Think of it: Friends! Teachers! Games! Learning! Exercise! Bulgogi!  Milkis! Melon bars!

Mandu! Mandu! Mandu!

Please have the forms in by May 1st, 2017.

There are five separate parts to registration: Camper registration, T-shirt order form, the overnight campers medical release form, Eagle Bluff release form, and the volunteer form. Please include all appropriate forms with your registration. (Note: T-shirts are free for campers and full-time volunteers and are available for others to purchase. In all cases, an order form must be included if you want t-shirt(s). Check sizes carefully — we don’t order extras for exchanging.)

Reminder for registration: whatever grade your camper is in right now is the grade you’ll put on the registration form.

Camp Registration

Kwanggaeto Salmunori pictures

There are thousands of pictures of today’s Kwanggaeto Salmunori performance.  We created a page for some of ours: Kwanggaeto Salmunori pictures

Come back as there will be more later as I’m able to sort through all the pictures I took. Send me some if you have some favorites you’d like posted on the web site.

Also, the Facebook page is sure to have a bunch, too.

Here’s a sampling:

FullSizeRender_jpg_1 FullSizeRender IMG_1004

Day 3 announcements

Just some announcements as I remember them from this morning:

  • Bring extra clothes tomorrow as the game “Drip, Drip, Splash” will be played.
  • If you have a blue 2011 Camp Moon Hwa shirt with an orange ribbon on the sleeve, please wear it tomorrow for the fundraiser.
  • Also, if you have a Will button from last year, please wear that, too.

Get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow promises to be a rich, full day.

New This Year at Camp Moon Hwa

SHHHHHH. Can you hear it? There’s only one week until Camp Moon Hwa 2016 begins and, if you listen closely, you can hear the panic rising.

I’m just kidding. We’ll all be ready for the campers. However, there are changes this year for which you’ll need to be ready.

  • Required training for classroom assistants and overnight chaperones will be on Thursday, June 23, at 7:00 PM. There will also be a “make-up training session” on Saturday, June 25th at 11:00 AM. This is for all of the classroom assistants who are 18 & under and for all of the overnight chaperones.
  • Security changes! This year we’ve beefed up the security for campers safety.
    • The main door will be locked and you will be let in.
    • All campers must be signed in and signed out
    • All campers, volunteers, and visitors must have a name tag
  • Parent workshop. On Monday, June 27th, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, we’ll have a licensed social worker who is an adult adoptee to meet with parents to get input on future sessions with campers on the topics of identity, self-esteem, and adoption.
  • Samulnori Performance. On Thursday, June 30th, at 2:20, The Kwanggaeto Samulnori troupe of Seoul with hold a special performance. Parents are invited to attend!!  This year, campers have a special opportunity to have this professional salmulnori troupe helping Brooke teach drumming to the campers. This troupe will perform for the campers and campers’ parents on Thursday at 2:20.
  • No bowling this year!  There will be no bowling outing at camp this year. But feel free to wear socks to the Samulnori performance instead.
  • Ultimate Hike BBQ fundraiser. Following the Samulnori performance on Thursday, June 30th, there will be a fundraiser for Team Rochester–the team participating in the Ultimate hike which is a program of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer! Team Rochester will participate to honor fellow Korean Adoptee, Will Dickes, who lost his brave fight to childhood cancer. They will be serving bugolgi burgers.

That’s what I have. If there is anything not covered in either this or the camp e-mailed newsletter which you’d like to know, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, we’ll see you on Monday!

Two Weeks Away

In two weeks from this very minute, Camp Moon Hwa campers will be devouring their first lunch of the week.

My spy network tells me that the class schedule is close to being completed and the teachers are busy preparing material for their classes.

So, before panic sets in for the teachers and while patience is needed for the campers, remember this: in two weeks from this very minute, Camp Moon Hwa campers will be devouring their first lunch of the week.