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Camp Moon Hwa 2017 Class Schedule

We finally have the class schedule finished with room numbers listed:
2017 Camp Moon Hwa Schedule FINAL (Microsoft Word version)
2017 Camp Moon Hwa Schedule FINAL (pdf version)

Camp is all set up. The Food Crew hit the road this morning to buy plenty of food supplies for the week ahead. All we need now are campers to fill chairs.

There’s a bit of a change for the mornings this year. Each child will have a home room and that is where he or she will go first in the morning. Then the class leader will bring the kids to the gym for opening ceremonies. Parents who want to be there for the opening ceremonies will go directly to the gym while the kids are in homeroom.

We’re planning a little more for the opening ceremonies this year. We hope it adds to each camper’s experience.

Now, some pictures from set up:

Snazzy tee shirts with the smaller logo. I like it!

Current director, director Emeritus, future director
We have plenty to do for Camp Moon Hwa 2018!

We know why you’re here



2017 Forms Are Ready (Updated: all forms included)!

Good news, campers!

We have most of the forms ready to go for Camp Moon Hwa 2017!!!

Think of it: Friends! Teachers! Games! Learning! Exercise! Bulgogi!  Milkis! Melon bars!

Mandu! Mandu! Mandu!

Please have the forms in by May 1st, 2017.

There are five separate parts to registration: Camper registration, T-shirt order form, the overnight campers medical release form, Eagle Bluff release form, and the volunteer form. Please include all appropriate forms with your registration. (Note: T-shirts are free for campers and full-time volunteers and are available for others to purchase. In all cases, an order form must be included if you want t-shirt(s). Check sizes carefully — we don’t order extras for exchanging.)

Reminder for registration: whatever grade your camper is in right now is the grade you’ll put on the registration form.

Camp Registration

Camp Moon Hwa: Two-Month Warning

Football has a two-minute warning. Here’s your warning: it’s two months until the first day of Camp Moon Hwa 2016.  Just in case you had forgotten how fast time flies.

If you haven’t yet, please send in your registration for camp.

Also, last I heard, there are still volunteering opportunities:

  • Camp Director
  • Person to run camp store
  • Board of directors
  • And many more!


Camp Store Volunteer(s) Needed

Everyone knows what the best part of camp is. That’s right: mandu.

However, the second best part is the camp store–where the campers (and some sneaky adults, too) buy refreshments and treats. We are looking for volunteers to run the camp store.

Here are the duties of running the camp store:

  • Ordering from a list of treats and goodies
  • Setting up the store on the Saturday before camp starts (June 25th)
  • Staffing the store Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 3:15 PM and Friday morning (with some flexibility)
  • Supervising other volunteers in the store
  • Light bookkeeping duties

Please contact KC Hinz at kchinz59@gmail.com if you have questions or if you would like to volunteer.