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United Way Campaign

For those of you who donate through the United Way campaign, you now have the option of donating to Camp Moon-hwa. On the pledge form, you have the option of ‘writing in’ a nonprofit organization. If you’d like to donate to Camp Moon-hwa, this is where you would enter in the following information:
SMCES- Camp Moon-hwa
1801 20th Ave NE
Rochester, MN 55906

Please comment if you need further information such as a telephone number or tax id number.

Thank you!


Sorry, this web site hasn’t been updated, but I’ve been busy with a trip to South Korea and am just now getting back in the swing of things.



United Way Community Giving Campaign

Good news for those donating to the United Way: you can now designate that the funds go to Camp Moon Hwa!

Just put the following information on the form or in the notes field of the online form:

Southern Minnesota Cultural Education Society  
1801 20th Ave NE   Rochester, MN 55906
Simple, right? We hope so! Thank you for any amount you donate to us. And thank you to the United Way for allowing donors to designate us to receive funds!