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Registration Deadline: May 1st

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder: Camp Moon Hwa registration is due on May 1st. As I write this, it is April 23rd. That means the registration deadline is May 1st minus April 23rd days away!!!

Don’t delay; register today!

2017 Camp Moon-hwa Health Form

2017 Volunteer Form

2017 T Shirt Order Form

2017 Registration Form

Eagle Bluff Release Form (for those 6th-9th grade campers going on the overnight)


1 More Registration Form and Champagne

The long-awaited medical form has arrived: Camp Moon-hwa Health Form
It’s needed so we know what medical needs your camper has.
Registration deadline: May 1, 2017

Also, at last night’s meeting, Champagne was poured. Okay, it was sparkling apple juice. But the important thing is we have are tax status reinstated and we can once again accept donations. Calley did a lot a work on that and we’re very grateful she got everything straightened out. Thus the Champagne-like beverage.

Meeting Notice:

We are adding meetings on May 8th and 22nd and on June 5th. (The May 15th meeting is cancelled.) Most things seem to be falling into place for Camp, but we just want to be sure. Also, if you’re a person who really should be at all meetings, you really should be at the June 5th meeting where we make sure all loose ends are tied. But all are welcome at all the meetings.


2017 Forms Are Ready (Updated: all forms included)!

Good news, campers!

We have most of the forms ready to go for Camp Moon Hwa 2017!!!

Think of it: Friends! Teachers! Games! Learning! Exercise! Bulgogi!  Milkis! Melon bars!

Mandu! Mandu! Mandu!

Please have the forms in by May 1st, 2017.

There are five separate parts to registration: Camper registration, T-shirt order form, the overnight campers medical release form, Eagle Bluff release form, and the volunteer form. Please include all appropriate forms with your registration. (Note: T-shirts are free for campers and full-time volunteers and are available for others to purchase. In all cases, an order form must be included if you want t-shirt(s). Check sizes carefully — we don’t order extras for exchanging.)

Reminder for registration: whatever grade your camper is in right now is the grade you’ll put on the registration form.

Camp Registration

Camp Moon Hwa: Two-Month Warning

Football has a two-minute warning. Here’s your warning: it’s two months until the first day of Camp Moon Hwa 2016.  Just in case you had forgotten how fast time flies.

If you haven’t yet, please send in your registration for camp.

Also, last I heard, there are still volunteering opportunities:

  • Camp Director
  • Person to run camp store
  • Board of directors
  • And many more!


Again With the Reminders: May 1st Deadline

Hey!  You know that little white truck that goes around your neighborhood with the eagle-like thing painted on the side? Find the guy that drives it. That’s right–the guy passing out letters to you and your neighbors. Give him or her a stamped envelope with our address on it and your Camp Moon Hwa registration filled out inside. That’d be great.

mail truck2

And maybe a doughnut. He or she may like a doughnut, too.


mail truck

1 (One) Month Before Registration Deadline!

Am I reading the calendar correctly? It looks like we only have 1 month until the May 1st registration deadline! Time flies.


  • The registration form and the t-shirt order form have been combined into one form
  • The Eagle Bluff form is for the 6th-9th graders who are going on the overnight outing
  • Volunteers are welcome, but do need to fill out a form


2016 Registration Forms are Here!!!

You thought if you just sat around, eating chips, and watching TV, the registration forms for Camp Moon Hwa 2016 would just magically appear on the web site.

Well, you were right!

The registration form, volunteer form, and Eagle Bluff form are now here under the Registration Forms tab!! (The Eagle Bluff form is for 6th-9th grade overnight campers only.)

Please have the forms sent to us by May 1, 2016.





Fall Rochester Korean Center classes registration

Hi everyone,

Registration for fall classes at the Rochester Korean Center has now started. We have the registration form on Camp Moon Hwa Registration Forms web page. You can also check out the Rochester Korean Center Facebook page.

Also, we still need teachers for this fall’s classes. If you’re interested or know of anyone who is interested, please let the Rochester Korean Center know.