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Tour Korea! Birthland Tour from CHLSS

We received word from CHLSS that they have a couple tours of Korea scheduled for 2018. Both of them overlap with Camp Moon Hwa, though.

Here’s some information:

We offer personalized post adoption services, cultural expertise and caring support to help Korean adoptees learn more about their Korean origins, culture and people important to their birth and adoption stories. Regardless of a family’s U.S. or Korean adoption agency, we provide a unique, comprehensive birthland tour with post adoption services backed by years of experience.

In 2018, we will offer the same tour at two different times June 12-25, 2018 and June 26-July 9, 2018.

Click on the box  below for more information:

Tour Korea! Birthland Tour



United Way Campaign

For those of you who donate through the United Way campaign, you now have the option of donating to Camp Moon-hwa. On the pledge form, you have the option of ‘writing in’ a nonprofit organization. If you’d like to donate to Camp Moon-hwa, this is where you would enter in the following information:
SMCES- Camp Moon-hwa
1801 20th Ave NE
Rochester, MN 55906

Please comment if you need further information such as a telephone number or tax id number.

Thank you!


Sorry, this web site hasn’t been updated, but I’ve been busy with a trip to South Korea and am just now getting back in the swing of things.



International Korean Adoptee Memorial

According to this tweet, an organziation called Me & Korea is proposing an International Korean Adoptee Memorial in Korea for adoptees to further a connection with South Korea. I’m not seeing much about it on their web site, but I thought some might be interested.

Also, if there is something you’d like to see included in the museum, they welcome submissions–which must be sent by May 31st. (No, I won’t pester you as much about that deadline as I did about the Camp Moon Hwa registration deadline.)


Conan O’Brien to Air Korea Trip on April 9th

Remember when Conan O’Brien went to South Korea for his TV show? Well, according to Variety and other sources, that episode is scheduled to air on April 9th on TBS. (Yes, exactly 22 days before the Camp Moon Hwa 2016 registration deadline!)  The story says it airs at 11 PM.  I assume that is Eastern time, so it would be 10 PM Minnesota time.

So while you’re icing down after the Park Institute Tae Kwon Do tournament, grab some bulgogi, mandu, Choco Pies, melon bars, Choco Boys, and Milkis and watch Conan celebrate South Korea.