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Some Camp Moon Hwa 2016 Videos

Whoa! Let me shake some of the dust off this blog. It’s been a while, huh?

Well, I finally got around to loading some videos from Camp Moon Hwa 2016. Check them out. Also, if you have any videos or pictures you want to share, we’re still accepting them. Let me know at CampMoonHwaMN@gmail.com.

This first video is one I believe Brooke sent us:

Then here is a compilation of videos I took:

Finally, here is another video I took.  Remember, always record with your phone in the horizontal position.


Conan O’Brien to Air Korea Trip on April 9th

Remember when Conan O’Brien went to South Korea for his TV show? Well, according to Variety and other sources, that episode is scheduled to air on April 9th on TBS. (Yes, exactly 22 days before the Camp Moon Hwa 2016 registration deadline!)  The story says it airs at 11 PM.  I assume that is Eastern time, so it would be 10 PM Minnesota time.

So while you’re icing down after the Park Institute Tae Kwon Do tournament, grab some bulgogi, mandu, Choco Pies, melon bars, Choco Boys, and Milkis and watch Conan celebrate South Korea.