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A few words about AdopteeBridge

The folks at AdopteeBridge sent us a note to ask us to mention them to you. This looks like something that could be beneficial to many of us.

AdopteeBridge is an adoptee-led organization providing services to transracial adoptees, their families, and community. Our organization is in direct response to the large number of transracial adoptees living in Minnesota. We offer positive direct support services to these adoptees, empowering them to have a better understanding of their birthland and adoption stories.

We offer a wide range of services including birthland tours, mentorship program, discussion groups for both adult adoptees and adoptive parents, and soon, we will offer educational webinars.


If you’re interested in more information, contact them at www.adopteebridge.org/.

International Korean Adoptee Memorial

According to this tweet, an organziation called Me & Korea is proposing an International Korean Adoptee Memorial in Korea for adoptees to further a connection with South Korea. I’m not seeing much about it on their web site, but I thought some might be interested.

Also, if there is something you’d like to see included in the museum, they welcome submissions–which must be sent by May 31st. (No, I won’t pester you as much about that deadline as I did about the Camp Moon Hwa registration deadline.)