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Exchange Student Help Needed

Dear Rochester-area families,

Word has gotten to me that there is a South Korean exchange student needing a family for the winter and spring. This is what was sent to me:

Our friend and conversation group member Catalina Ferreira is trying to find a host family for
a 16 year old boy from South Korea.  She needs to find a home for him in the next week or
two so he can attend next semester at Lourdes High School.  If you can help,
please contact Catalina at caferre@msn.com.

You can out more about him (including a neat photo album) here:

Thank you!

If you’d rather not host, please pass the information along to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for your consideration,


Volunteer Opportunities: Hospitality, Marketing, and T-Shirt

Hi camp volunteers waiting for the perfect volunteer opportunity,

Here are three more options into which your can sink your skills:

  • Hospitality Committee— This committee would be responsible for

    *writing thank you notes for teachers and volunteers (could be done before camp week)
    *Deciding on and purchasing gifts for teachers (could be done before camp week)
    *Checking in with teachers each morning to ensure that they have they need. If necessary, going to the store to purchased needed items.
    * Assist with planning a post-Camp potluck as a thank you to the teachers. (could be done before camp week)

  • Marketing Director—this person or committee would be responsible for getting out information about Camp Moon Hwa: (all would be done before the week of camp)
    *contacting local TV stations and newspapers regarding camp and inviting them for the program.
    *contacting local adoption agencies with Korean adoption programs so they can pass information on to adoptive parents.
    *finding a way to contact other Koreans and Korean Americans at the Mayo Clinic so they are aware of camp.
    *Contacting other groups you think of or camp leadership thinks of

  • T-shirt Assistant
    *assist T-shirt coordinator with packaging t-shirts and distributing on the first day of camp.

To volunteer contact Calley or send an e-mail message to campmoonhwamn (at) gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. More information may become available after the February 13th camp meeting (which you may attend!).

Organizational Meeting on January 23rd

…  We have been in the process of revamping how camp is organized and transitioning into a committee based format for the planning of camp.  This is to allow for more people to be involved as well to spread some of the responsibility so the work load is lessened for everyone.  We took some time this fall to decide what committees we thought we needed.  Since this is a work in progress, these can be adjusted as needed. We have initiated the forming of the committees, and have multiple areas of need for assistance.  Some of these will be working primarily in the months outside of camp, and some will have responsibilities during camp.
We are having a meeting on January 23rd at 6 p.m. at Madonna Towers and would love to have you attend if you’re able.  We are using this time to check in with the current committees that have already begun working to answer any questions and address any areas/challenges that may have come up.  We’re also using this time to address areas where we need additional assistance and to offer information on what these areas are.  That way, you can decide if these are of interest to you and if you can offer assistance in any way.  We understand that not everyone is going to be able to attend.  For the committees that have begun working, please let me know if you have areas of concern, questions, need additional help, etc. before Monday and I can bring it up at the meeting.  For those of you who do not currently have an assigned task, let me know if you are still interested in helping and I can send out an email of needed areas after the meeting is over.  Also, please pass this information on to anyone else you think may be interested in attending or having more information on ways they can help at camp.
All upcoming meetings will be posted on the website and Facebook page and open to whoever would like to attend.
Thank you!!
Director of Camp Moon Hwa

Six weeks away from Camp Moon Hwa

We are only six weeks away from Camp Moon Hwa 2016!

Sure, that’s plenty of time for you. But, rest assured, the board of directors and the teachers are already working to make sure this is another great year of camp.

And there are still opportunities for volunteer for this year’s camp. For instance, last I heard, we still needed someone to run the camp store.  I’m not saying your opportunity to buy treats is at risk, but it sure would be nice if someone would be willing to open up the store and sell the goodies.

See you all in six (6 (!)) weeks!

Camp Store Volunteer(s) Needed

Everyone knows what the best part of camp is. That’s right: mandu.

However, the second best part is the camp store–where the campers (and some sneaky adults, too) buy refreshments and treats. We are looking for volunteers to run the camp store.

Here are the duties of running the camp store:

  • Ordering from a list of treats and goodies
  • Setting up the store on the Saturday before camp starts (June 25th)
  • Staffing the store Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 3:15 PM and Friday morning (with some flexibility)
  • Supervising other volunteers in the store
  • Light bookkeeping duties

Please contact KC Hinz at kchinz59@gmail.com if you have questions or if you would like to volunteer.